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30T/H Double SZLH508 animal feed production line

30T/H Double SZLH508 animal feed production line Installed and Tested Successfully and Put on production in May.

Product Name30T/H Double line of Automatic Animal Feed Plant

Install Time: April, 2020
Production Output: 30T/H.

This feed factory was installed ready before the end of April, 2020. Automatic batching 28 silos animal feed plant, with double pelletizing line, pig feed and chicken feed production line, we designed and manufactured the complete plant,  material cleaning and sieving machine, the automatic batching system with 28 silos, ring die SZLH508 feed pellet mill, feed hammer mill, feed mixer, feed cooler, bag packing line etc. 
Congraduations to the new feed factory put into production already.

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