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Do You Know The Difference From Feed Premix, Concentrate, Complete Foumula Feed?

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1. Premix  
The premix consists of vitamins, minerals, and pharmaceutical additives. The premix is generally not more than 4% in the feed for animal feeding. It is necessary to add additional energy feed and protein feed.
Advantages: (1) low cost (2) feed raw material is controllable, corn, soybean oil meal, and other materials are fresh choosed (3) convenient for health care, treatment, add drugs.
Disadvantages: (1) need a lot of labor, resulting in an increase in labor costs; (2) Need stock feed materials.
2. Concentrate feed

The concentrate feed is composed of premix and protein feed. It is generally added in the feed between 10% and 30%, and then mixed with corn, bran, etc.
Advantages: (1) Low cost, (2) When soybean meal price is high, the cost can be appropriately reduced as you can add small proportion of soybean meal or not add soybean meal, and this also reduce labor costs.
Disadvantages: (1) The cost is higher than premix; (2) The protein content will be low because the soybean meal is not enough.

3. Complete formula granulated feed
Complete formula granulated feed is composed of premix, protein feed and energy feed. It is processed through crushing, mixing and granulating processes. It can fully meet the growth needs of livestock and poultry and the feed granules can be directly fed to animals.
(1) easy to feed, 
(2) low moisture, easy storage
(3) waste less than powder feed.
Disadvantages: (1) The cost is higher than premix and concentrate. (2) can’t see the content of raw materials, so you have to choose feed from a a reliable feed factory.
Choose the right feed, livestock and poultry will grow fast, strong and disease resistant, and increase farmers’ economic efficiency.
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