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What are the Requirements for Raw Materials When Making Wood Pellets?

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The requirements of raw material for biomass wood pellet machine directly affect the quality of biomass wood pellets. So, what are the requirements for raw materials? Let's have a look together.


1. The raw material size
When wood pellet machine produce pellets, the general size of the crushed raw material must be less than 5 mm, the specific size of the crushing fineness depends on the size of the pellets and the hole diameter of die mold. Raw material crushed too small or too big will affect the production yield and quality.


2. Raw material moisture
To make wood pellets, the water content is also a strict requirement. No matter what kind of raw materials it is, water must be controlled within 12-18%. If the water content is too high or too low, the particles will easily break .


3. The raw material do not need binding agent
There is no need to add any binder when making sawdust wood pellets, because the sawdust itself is a kind of crude- fiber material with a certain degree of adhesion. So through the wood pellet machine pressing process, it will be able to be naturally shaped. Do not be afraid if you use non-adhesive raw materials, our exclusive ring die sawdust pellet machine produced by Henan Yearmega Industry Co.,Ltd can help you. Due to the special structure, this sawdust wood pellet machine can generate strong pressure, which could process different kinds of materials, solving the problem of non-adhesive raw materials shaping. And Yearmega sawdust wood pellet machine could make pellets with high density and surface of pellets are very smooth.


4. Different raw materials can be mixed to make pellets
The Yearmega wood pellet mill does not just granulate with one kind of wood material, but it can also granulate mixed materials together. For example, wood chips could also be incorporated into crop stalks, nutshell, peanut shells, straw and so on.


5. Raw moldy materials can be also pelletized into good pellets
Sometimes raw materials will become moldy and black if we are not able to process in a short time. If we use this kind of materials, the pellets would not reach to the required high density and heat. What a pity if we throw away the moldy materials! There are one solution. As long as we incorporate more than 50% of fresh raw materials on it, it will be no problem. The more the new raw materials incorporated together, the better pellets we could make by our Yearmega wood pellet machine.


The above five points is what we like to tell you. If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us, we will surely recommend you the most suitable type of wood pellet machine or biomass pellet mill machine, as well as wood pellet production line.

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